Small Business Saturday

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Change - You Owe It To Yourself


Hello Patrons, Jim Rubino here. I feel like I have been seeing more posts this year about Small Business Saturday than any previous year I have been in business. This struck me as a good time to write the first article for our website and share some of my thoughts.


We all play music for the love of it, and that's a fact. Why else would we work so hard to make people forget some of the drama going on in their lives, no matter which genre we choose to play, for a few hours? Part of our heart and soul goes into every note we play. 

Andres Segovia once said every note he plays has the same meaning as if played by a symphony. Age does not matter, it is just what we do. Play music.

The music industry is failing when it comes to little help and big business. Mars Music, Music Lab, Best Buy's music department, and others have and will fall in suit soon, just more people getting out of the droughted music business so they can keep their heads above rising waters.

Why? One reason could be that you cannot be in the washer and dryer department of a store, then all the sudden be moved over to sell a super Tri-Amp sound system to the local church band. These days, musicians (and consumers in general) are smarter than ever, and they will see right through any imposters that are just trying to sell you something expensive. Without listening to your needs and crafting a custom solution to your problem on the spot using years of experience, they are just ordinary department store salesmen.

I think more of a reason is that online shopping has completely taken over. After all, why go to a store when you can get the same product for a quarter of the price, even if it's used? I could go into a long tirade about all the horror stories I've seen of customers who have ordered equipment online and received something that wasn't what they expected (or even worse, broken!) but I know that most of you will still order things online because of price and do not want to alienate those of you that do. All I can do is ask you to please keep your money in local small music stores, no matter which ones, for the community. Hopefully with the launch of our online store and many others by other local stores, it will help us break into that popular digital marketplace.

So on Small Business Saturday (or any day),  go to your local professional music store and seek help from real engineers and professional players. Use their experience. Ask questions. Grill them. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to help you in any way they can.

On a final note, remember that just because something is cheap, doesn't mean it's necessarily going to be the right tool for your situation.


Thanks for reading, and check back for more articles like this.


Jim Rubino