Guitar Lessons


  Instructor Bio Sheets Photos Marco V

Marco Villarreal

Marco Villarreal is a guitarist with over 15 years of playing and teaching experience. He has studied with jazz legend Pat Martino and is an alumnus of the “Musician’s Institute” and “Berklee College of Music”. His lessons focus on fretboard harmony, technique, sight reading and jazz, classical and rock idioms.

Styles – Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Technique, Theory


  Instructor Bio Sheets Photos Donnie A

Donnie Argostino

Donnie Argostino is an experienced guitarist and has over 25 years of experience teaching. He has played, toured and recorded with Bad Company, Off Broadway, Shannon Raye, Diamondback, Clint Black, Trick Pony, The Kliks, etc.

Styles - Theory, Acoustic Guitar, Rhythms, Country, Classic Rock, Blues, Power Pop              


  Instructor Bio Sheets Photos Jeffrey Z

Jeffery Zampillo

Jeffery Zampillo is an experienced guitarist and instructor. He is an alumni of “Valparaiso University”. Jeff has played with Lonnie Brooks, Bobby Bland, Maze, etc. His teaching expertise includes metal, classical, rock, blues, theory, technique, reading and musicianship.

Styles – Metal, Classical, Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Theory


  Instructor Bio Sheets Photos Jamie M

Jamie Magera

Jamie Magera is an experienced guitar teacher and performer. He has studied at “Berklee College of Music”, “Indiana University South Bend”, and the “National Guitar Summer Workshop”. He has performed at numerous East Coast Clubs as well as in the Midwest. Jamie is currently a solo guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer and improviser. His teaching styles include ALL levels, ALL styles and ALL ages. He has been teaching at Rubino’s since 2001.

Styles – Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Technique, Theory


  Instructor Bio Sheets Photos Andy S

Andy Sutton

 Andy Sutton is an experienced percussionist, drum set and guitar player. He attends “Columbia College in Chicago” and has played in and learned from several great musicians and ensembles including The Classical Symphony Orchestra of Chicago, Billy Dickens, Charlie Sexton, Frank Donaldson, and Ruben Alvarez. Andy has also been in and recorded with several multi-stylistic bands ranging from Rock to Hip-Hop to Country to authentic Latin and everything in between. His lessons include theory, technique and musicianship training for both percussion instruments and guitar.

Styles – Jazz, Classical, Rock, Blues, Latin/African Percussion