Drums and Percussion Lessons


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Andy Sutton


Andy Sutton is an experienced percussionist, drum set and guitar player. He attends “Columbia College in Chicago” and has played in and learned from several great musicians and ensembles including The Classical Symphony Orchestra of Chicago, Billy Dickens, Charlie Sexton, Frank Donaldson, and Ruben Alvarez. Andy has also been in and recorded with several multi-stylistic bands ranging from Rock to Hip-Hop to Country to authentic Latin and everything in between. His lessons include theory, technique and musicianship training for both percussion instruments and guitar.

Styles – Jazz, Classical, Rock, Blues, Latin/African Percussion


  Instructor Bio Sheets Photos Lannie T

Lannie Turner


Lannie is a top rated professional drummer. He has played, toured, and recorded with Albert King, Michael Wolff, Phi Perry, etc.. Lannie was signed with Warner Brothers Records and played in the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical “Hair”. Lannie is experienced at giving private lessons, teaching in school systems, etc.. He has been teaching at Rubino’s for fifteen years.

Styles – Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Technique, Theory